Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mahmed's village!

So, today it was mahmed's only day off in the week so he asked if I would like to meet his family! Would I like to meet his family? YES PERLEASE!

So Mahmed picked me up from the hotel and we took a cab to his village, Darkuman! Was just down the road but the whole way Mahmed just wanted to warn me that his house wasn't nice. I told him that he should be happy that he lives differently to me and I am here to see how he lives, I don't mind what his house is like!! If you have ever seen pictures of the slums in Africa with huts that have corrugated iron rooves that is exactly where he lives!! Everything so close to each other, the toilet is the inlet that runs through the houses so you see people weeing every 5 mins. We went straight to his house and I met his mam, sister, niece (the gorgeous 4 year old in the picture who held my hand as we walked everywhere), Regina - his sister who I've met before. No matter how much you understand that 12 people live in one of these small huts you honestly can not believe it until you see it with your own eyes. The darkness looking at the beds and lack of space is insane!!

We spent about 5 hours just walking around and meeting all his 'brothers' most of whom are actually cousins and his friends. Delphina, mahmed's niece came round most of the time just holding onto y hand! It was amazing. Then when it got really hot we went for a beer with 2 of mahmed's cousins and they quizzed me all about life in America/UK. They couldn't get over the fact that my mam works and that I came over here on my own. They also want to all marry a white girl but have accepted that's not me as I have a boyfriend. They want me to bring them white girls to marry! Any takers??

Anyway, I've had an amazing day and really was amazing to spend time with his family. It was so touching how much me going there meant to them when really I felt the lucky one. They are so kind and I honestly will care for each and every one of them always. They have such a special place in my heart for looking after me and welcoming me into their family on my first week here.

Love from the white sister here in Ghana,

Siwan Emily

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