Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Volta region

Volta region. Can't describe to you where it is because my geography's a little wonky but it seems to me to be in the centre of Ghana.

Woke up at 5:30am as my guide was picking me up at 6 and off we go!! On the 4 hour car journey but there is never a dull moment! With the combination on the road - people with things piled on their head, motorbikes, lorries travelling with people hanging on, tro tros, taxis and the biggest potholes you have ever seen in your life! Now this sounds like excitement enough but then you have to factor in the fact that there only seems to be a minimum speed of 80km/h but at all times you are recommended to be over 100. Also, if you encounter a pot hole on your way or you wish to overtake you may absolutely go on the wrong side of the road or drive at pedestrians so they move out of your way and you can go off road to get to your destination! I actually think driving in Ghana would be the scariest thing ever.

So, anyway first stop was the Wli waterfalls which were amazing. I'll put a picture up so you can see because it's hard to describe a waterfall because its well a waterfall. But next to the waterfall there were hundreds and hundreds of bats and on the 45 minute walk to the falls there were hundreds of butterflies. Well worth going to and amazing falls with everything completely unspoilt.

Next stop, monkey sanctuary!! One of the coolest things I've ever done! I thought sanctuary meant it would be like a monkey house or something but no! You pay for someone to come with you to the forest and they call the monkeys! They are completely friendly and so cute! We took bananas and the guy made kissing noises and within 30 mins of walking they all appeared. I held onto my banana tight and one monkey came up and started peeling it and eating it from my hand. Then one leapt up onto my arm and was just chilling eating on my arm! They were amazing!!

Last stop was a weaving village. This is where they make the traditional woven fabric here (when you see African patterns with all the bright colours this is what I'm talking about). The special fabric they make here in Ghana is kente. The guys from the village learn to weave from the age of 7 which is crazy because the contraptions to weave are incredible! Ad they do it so fast!! It was insane and I took lots of videos so on my return you will all e bored senseless with my many videos and pictures!

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention through my day was lunch! Now up until this point I've tried everything but have been waiting to try the 2 most traditional meals. Fufu and banku. Fufu is pounded cassava. Cassava is like a yam. The best way I can describe it is like a cross between mash and dough. Then you pour soup over it and eat it. Basically, it sounds weird but it's delicious!!!!

And that my friends is all for today! Washed my clothes today which is so exciting standing in the shower with the tap and soap. Apart from that I have had a morning breakfast of mango and life is good.

Until next time! Love you all,

Siwan Emily

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