Monday, February 25, 2013

Cape Coast

So I thought it was about time for an update. It's very hard to remember to do it now its starting to just feel like normal life. Get up at 6:30, get dressed quickly, walk to school, eat a very large, very spicy breakfast, teach a bit, read in breaks, have a little sleep, go home, play with kids, fetch some water, play with kids more, make some snacks for the school the next day, rock out the bucket and mug for a shower which takes forever, then SLEEP!

I'm absolutely loving teaching and I'll give you two highlights of my last week at school. 1. Teaching probability. It's the first and only class so far that I've been given warning I was teaching the day before so I thought up how I could make it a little interesting. Well heads and tails was the first example in their textbook yet their coins don't have a head on so that seemed a little challenging for me never mind the kids. So out came the British coins! They loved it. All getting to flip coins from the uk! Could not understand coins that weren't called pesewas! But it went as well as I could ever hope with then all loving flipping and working out the outcomes.
2. I have found in BS4, class for 9-10 year olds, the youngest I teach there is a beautiful young girl who is disabled. She sits there every lesson and is excused from writing or doing anything, she just has to sit there everyday. I'm not a doctor but I think she has a form of cerebral palsy. So I have taken it upon myself to sit with her when the other kids are out playing games or whatever and give her some massages to her hands which are very painful and disfigured and it calms her uncontrollable moving around. She is so happy as well to be getting some help and attention. I will get a picture of her smile as I honestly think it is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Brought tears to my eyes the first time, she just wants someone to care. Now I sound all sickly and emotional so we will swiftly move on.

Spent the weekend at Cape Coast which is the nearest big city and all 24 of the volunteers on our program went. It was very nice to have some time without kids and seeing somewhere new but I missed the kids so much. It was so nice to get back yesterday! Kirsten and I took the tro tro on Friday and met everyone where everyone had a wild night (I would like to include this didn't include me). Even though I didn't drink I did have an amazing amount of fun as me and Georgia, pretty much the only 2 sober people decided to run into the sea fully clothed in the dark. It was one of the most hilarious and fun few hours ever! Then Saturday, Georgia, Chloe and I walked the market and the fishing village which absolutely wore us out. 5 hours of walking in the baking sun meant tired Siwan. Saturday evening including me having some chips and a fanta and chatting with everyone on the beach. Can't be faulted really! We came back yesterday to the most fantastic welcome from all the kids as they saw us they all ran and jumped and carried our bags. I couldn't believe how much I'd missed them!

So that brings you all up to date! And I'm sorry I'm not emailing back to you all. Whenever I get my phone out with children around they love to just press the screen so replying to long emails is impossible! But I'll answer the question you've all been asking. Am I homesick at all? Yes and no! I do not wish at all that I was home I just wish all of you could be here! Different things happen and I think ooo bets would love this like our spontaneous dance sessions and then the kids ask me to show them a football trick and I think Nay should be here or I throw them up in the air and the older ones want to be thrown but I'm not old enough so I think dad would love it here and then I walk around the beautiful places and see all the people I think of mam and her Kodak moments!

Will keep you posted. Love you all and I do miss every single one of you

Siwan Emily

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