Monday, February 18, 2013

Madam Siwan

It has now been a week of teaching, well observing, well teaching because basically the teachers can't be bothered. What was meant to be a week of observing literally turned into a week of teaching! Since I want to do maths I have been meant to shadow the guy that teaches maths and science to 10-12 year olds. Well this has basically meant me turning up to lessons and asking where their teacher was and them saying 'you teach you teach' so I ask what class, 'science'. Ok so I take a look at their books 'Convection and Ventilation' - managed to pull it off with a few 10/10s in the test they had today so I can't have done too badly for an on the spot lesson. I also have done so much marking. My red pen and I are best friends. However, made me slightly nervous about the level of teaching here when I was handed the mark scheme for the homework that the teacher had written to discover his calculation of players in football teams was 480 off... Glad I was marking it not him! There may have been a few confused children!!

We attended the one week funeral celebration of my hosts mother on Friday which basically entailed a massive red and black marquee set up in the village with everyone dressed I'm red and black then they had a microphone where they read out all the donations people had given with some songs and dancing in between. Couldn't understand a word but it was all good fun and very hot!

Today was meant to be a very busy and satisfying done but when in Ghana do not expect anything to happen when you expect it! This morning we were meant to organise our timetables...but that didn't happen. Instead I ended up Winton and ICT lesson. I was handed the textbook and no word of a lie had to reach via textbook how to play solitaire on the computer!! Then this afternoon Mr Nkrumah, our host met us in the nearest town to show us the bank and post office but we ended up sitting waiting for Freda's test results at the hospital for 4 hours instead. Still don't know where the bank or post office is!

Now there is no electricity once again and my phone has 3% battery so I will love you all and leave you

Siwan Emily m


  1. Nice! U are really a fast learner, keep up the good work Madam Siwan. :)

  2. You sound like a teacher already I bet you love it - red pen and getting to know the children.... They are lucky to have someone so passionate