Monday, February 11, 2013

Now it really begins

So after the week at Henry's (my country manager here) doing all our training. Yesterday, we finally arrived at Twifu Mampong. Welcome to our house!! It took us about 5 hours to get here we drove 4 hours on the bus with all the others and were dropped off at Cape Coast, the capital of central region. This is where we met my host and boss mr Nkrumah. Sadly, it turns out his mother had died that morning.

So, we finally arrived at our house and realised we really are in a town in the jungle. Surrounding where we are is just jungle. The room and house is exactly what I expected and considering we were told our toilet is a pit, I think it's significantly better!! It looks like a toilet but just has no flush. We have another room to our house which is a shower room ie. a room with a slightly slanted floor with a pipe for the water to run out.

I spent the afternoon chilling with the children. My host family have 5 kids I think but it's hard to be sure as there are so many kids all the time. We played football but quickly switched to frisbee as they realised how bad i was (Nay you needed to be here to save me on that one) and then I helped my host mam to cook fufu. I was only placed in responsibility for fanning the fire which was cooking the soup and grinding tomatoes.

Then we spent the evening in our room with hundreds of kids coming and going and generally playing with everything we own. I'll post some of our selfies and pictures that they loved taking.

Today was the first day at school. We were taken to school by the youngest 2 kids of the family. Was a cute little walk to school through the village to the edge of the town. The school is literally overlooking the jungle and is a long wooden but separated by wooden walls. The first thing we got to experience was breakfast cooked at the school. Rice and spicy sauce is a little weird first thing in the morning. Then the most difficult part of the day - the caning. We were warned but watching kids being lined up then whipped because they hadn't brought a hanky or washed their hands was a little tough.

Then we were thrown into being observed teaching and understanding how they teach. There is a lot of reciting and more caning although we don't have to partake.

I will blog a bit more about the school as the week and weeks go on. All the teachers also went to pay our respects to my hosts family at his mothers house at lunchtime which was amazing. All the family are sat around the edge whilst you go around and greet them all and then sit with them for a while and they all say some words. Another amazing experience.

I will leave you with my thoughts for the next 5 months. There will not be a moments peace (right now there are 7 children climbing on me wearing my sunglasses and my headphones), I'm going to love every second and I think time is going to fly.

Will be back on in a few days

Love you all,

Siwan Emily

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