Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Part of the family

So, just thought I'd write a little short one as I am a little bored!

Yesterday, was just another day at school. Had tons of marking to do but finally got stuck into some maths and science which suited me a lot better than Monday where I was teaching English and religious moral education (for all you that know me you can imagine I did not enjoy that so much!). My day ended in a difficult way with one of the teachers telling me to whip a child in front of the class for not knowing the answer to my question. I flat out refused and said he was more than welcome to do it since I understand it is their culture but I would not. Thank god I avoided that one!

Since my host family are the proprietors of the school, mrs Nkrumah, my host mam is responsible for making the food at the school. So I spent my evening making a version of chocolate milk which is actually better and I definitely will be making when I get back!! Basically you take a bucket, put a whole thing of hot chocolate and coffee creamer in and add water. Boom you have chocolate milk. It was then my job to measure it into little palsy if bags while the kids tied them. Everything is I'm plastic bage here and I think it's genius because rather than need cutlery, you break off a hope in the side with your teeth and drink it out. Kids do this with rice and noodles as their lunch. I think genius.

So you may be wondering why I'm writing this at 10 am and not at school. Well, because mrs Nkrumah has to be at the school all morning for cooking she can not leave and Freda, the eldest girl in the family has been really ill for the last few days. She keeps sleeping everywhere. So today she was really struggling, she has a headache and stomach ache and I have been the honoured one to bring her to the hospital health centre place. So Freda is asleep on the bench and we are waiting in a very long line. There are so many kids here but noone seems dying it seems more of a walk in place. Anyway, I will keep you posted but I very much feel part of the family now to be taking and looking after Freda.

Love to all,

Siwan Emily

P.S. there may have to be a special valentines post tomorrow :) may feel a little sad!

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