Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So, hello again!

I do apologise for the few days off. Life is wild over here! Since I last spoke, I left the comfort of Hotel Hansonic in Dansoman! Not going to lie, leaving there was so sad! Saying goodbye to all my friends from the weeks and not knowing when I'd be back was quite sad. But I got a beautiful bracelet in the Ghanaian colours from Mahmed. He said his family wanted me to have it to wish me luck.

I am now in Adenta which is north of Accra in a mahoosive house. I arrived on Saturday after meeting the first group of arrivals at the airport. Little did I know there was a small British group as well as the larger Canadian group that I knew were coming. So Saturday night and Sunday was spent in a fantastic little group of us 5 Brits, 3 Canadians and me who is known as the mud blood since I live in America, signed up for this is Canada but I'm truly British! We did a lot of relaxing but made a solid 2 trips to the bar on Sunday as we waited for the other volunteers to arrive. We were waiting a very long time as that was at 11pm! The new arrivals of like 24 people was a little overwhelming as they were all so excitable and buzzing from just getting off the plane. So we're all in dorms. There are 8 in my room but ours is the coldest because we have the most powerful fan so there is absolutely no privacy in this room as people come and go as they please! The last 2 days have consisted of culture classes is the only way I can describe them. Learning about all the dos and don'ts and what to expect and how to do certain things. Today is where the fun learning starts as we're doing the teaching course.

The teaching course goes till Friday. Then, Saturday is our day off before going to placements on Sunday!!!! I can't wait! Ama Benewa school, here I come!

Till next time I send you all my love and bid you farewell,

Siwan Emily

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