Monday, March 11, 2013


Well since the Independence Day parade was Wednesday, this left us with the rest of the week off. And how we made the most of it! Each day was a different place so we'll go through in days...

Kirsten and I had promised the kids we would take them swimming as they know two hotels nearby where you can pay to use their swimming pool. So at 8:30am, Kirsten, me, Sylvester, Steven, Philo, SK, Effia and Freda jumped in a tro tro, well piled. We took a huge Tupperware of rice that our ma had made us and off we went to the 'Hans Cottage Hotel'. For us all to go swimming it cost 30cedis which is like $15 so felt very expensive for us but actually really wasn't. And the kids went wild! None of them can swim but I don't think most people can here so the pool provided loads of float things which they wrapped themselves in and were swimming away in their clothes. We did have to wear clothes being with the kids as they would have thought we were disgracing ourselves and them if we were seen in bikinis. They loved going to the deep bit and then realised now scary it was and screaming for me to come and swim them back. There was nothing better than seeing them all completely forget chores and responsibilities and just have fun for a few hours.

Then after eating our rice we put them on a tro tro home and got one in the opposite direction towards Cape Coast. It's about an hour to Cape Coast from us so when landing in Cape got. Taxi to Takoradi tro tro station, then a tro tro to Takoradi (another hour but was beautiful along the coast if you see on a map), then another tro tro to Axim (another hour). Of all that transport, one tro tro burnt it's tyre out so we went flying down the road with out a tyre. Did very well to stop! Another tro tro we were sat on the back row which was tied in as it was hanging out the back. And the last tro tro broke down from over heating but we jumped straight back in after throwing some water over it. But we did arrive in one piece at the Ankobra resort right on the sea! Felt like absolute 5 star. Shared bathroom but a hotel which provided sheets and a towel and was right on the beach. Other volunteers we were meeting had been there since Tuesday so we found them in the sea in the dark. Had a lovely relaxed evening eating what we thought was very expensive food before persuading ourselves it was ok because it equated to just $12.

Georgia organised for the 9 that were there to go in the morning to the stilt village of Ghana called Nzulezu. Was fab! Took us about an hour to get there by car where we arrived at some marshy fields. We got walked about 10 minutes to an even marshier place. Shoes off and a walk through extraordinarily brown water to the big wooden canoes. The canoe ride was one of my favourite things we've done all trip. It was so beautiful! We canoed across the lagoon to get to the village. I asked the driver of our boat what lived in the water. Crocodiles? Yes. Fish? Yes tilapia etc. Piranhas? Yes. Ok! Luckily we didn't fall in or see any! Bets you would have loved it...not! The stilt village was very cool and amazing that they can survive like that. Constantly needing repair and when you see it you really question how it's still standing! Couple of hundred people live there and we visited the school which was actually almost identical to ours with wooden walls and a blackboard in each classroom. Amazing to see though.

Then we returned to the hotel for a splash out meal of a burger and a swim in the sea. Doesn't get much better!

We decided to return to Takoradi where a lot of people are on placements to just have a cheap and relaxed night so had some rice and my favourite drink! Alvaro is a non-alcoholic malt drink with passion fruit! Imagine a more flavoury appletizer. So good! And then I had a few more creature comforts as in Takoradi they can buy Nutella! So got to eat some peanut butter and Nutella. Made me realise being at my placement is so secluded and we have access to so much less than everyone else. Nice to have it occasionally but I really appreciated my placement seeing the others.

A solid lie in, peanut butter and Nutella on bread breakfast thanks to Chloe and then off to the tro tro station. Tak to cape coast and cape to home!! Was so pleased to get home and see 7 gorgeous faces running towards us and taking our bags! This is home!

Lunchtime so will post some pictures and let you know the next exciting thing!

Siwan Emily

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  1. Siwsi i fear for the VW Beetle after this kind of driving you are used to!!! poor thing.
    Love the blog again so descriptive and i cant imagine how you felt when you had some Nutella. Mami