Monday, March 11, 2013

Independence Day - 6th March 1957

So it was last week but I haven't had time or have been too tired to write so I apologise for it's lateness and will do another blog post about my weekend next.

But as the title suggests 6th march was Independence Day! Instructions before the day - wear a white top and a black skirt and smart but comfortable shoes. Ok I can manage that. We assumed it was normal time to start so got up and dressed and walked out onto our porch. Awaiting us outside our house and our host family's house which are connected was the entire marching parade from our school! Good morning Siwan! They were all dressed in the smartest uniform which included bright white socks and black shoes for everyone. Bright white doesn't exist when you live somewhere where the ground is made of sand! So that alone was shocking never mind the mass of kids. All the teachers were there all in white top and black skirt or trousers. I have to say we presented quite a tidy school! Then on mass we made our way to the towns 'park'. The sight when we got there was quite something as we appeared all the schools in the area were lined up ready to march and so we lined up with our flag and Ama Benewa International School looked pretty damn good! When all schools had appeared and were ready some man screamed commands and every school stood to attention and then began to march. Our school drummed away for the entire parade and marched beautifully! Then one by one each school peeled off and began the parade through the town. It was great fun as all the town were out shouting and cheering on the kids. But Blimey it was hot. One of the hottest days we've had. Everyone was dripping. I mean dripping. Then we got to this big field where we met other schools and they all lined up once again to wait for the dignitaries. One the dignitaries were there each school marched around and saluted the dignitaries in their own spectacular way. We watched each school until it as our turn. Little did I know that I was being dragged into this! The kids had practices for weeks and expected us to join! So the white girls went with the school and everyone cheered, well laughed but I'm pretending it was cheering! I can't deny I loved it though. In front of hundreds of people i made a complete fool out of myself but the kids loved it so I loved it!

By the time we were done marching we were all almost passing out so we went home and tried to cool under out little fan in our room. Then everyone who had come for breakfast came to our porch once again for some meat pies and Malta Guinness (a non-alcoholic malt drink that they LOVE here)

And so ended our Ghana Independence Day!

Will post some pictures

Siwan Emily

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