Thursday, March 14, 2013

So fast and little Cindy

As the title suggests, this week has gone ridiculously fast! So fast in fact that this morning I told Kirsten a solid 15 times it was Wednesday as I did not believe her it was Thursday! Just been a normal week with a lot of caning from midterm exams. You realise how lazy the teachers are at teaching when you see the answers on exams. Pleased to see the stuff I taught coming out alright. Will post an example of an exam today!

Today however, was another normal day until after school when we went to visit one of the kids from one of my classes who has been ill for 2 weeks. She left school a couple of weeks ago literally after squirming on the floor in pain.

So we went to the house, all her teachers and some of the kids and saw her in one of the wraps they all wear and all I could look at were her shoulders and her little chest. She was the definition of skin and bones. I mean I could literally see her heart racing through her skin. So we all prayed for her which was more like a chant with all the kids praying. Very odd. And then we spoke to her and left.

As we left we asked one of the other teachers what was said about her going to the hospital and whether there was any problems with money or anything. We got told that she had been to the hospital and they had given her some drips and a 'blood drip' so we're not sure whether they meant blood transfusion or what but basically she's meant to be better and back at school on Monday.... That isn't what I saw. Unfortunately I may not be a doctor but I really didn't think based on what I saw she'll make it to next week but I really hope she's going to be ok. It felt like comic relief where the children dies was playing before my eyes. I think if she's not at school on Monday I'd like to go back up and see if she's getting better so I'll keep you all posted but everyone please send good vibes because she's an amazing and beautiful little girl called Cindy.

Love to all and I really hope you're all healthy!

Siwan Emily

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