Friday, March 1, 2013

Time flies, it's Friday

So, just a short one for you all. Thought if explain the picture I've posted of marching.

Friday, is an interesting day at the Ama Benewa International School! Starts with two classes which basically meant me writing some notes. Then it's worship! Which is amazing. Basically all the kids in the junior school pile into the biggest classroom and sing, dance and drum their little hearts out. I'll hopefully post a video for you all next week. It's the loudest, happiest thing you've ever experienced! Just what I needed to end the week. I spent the entire worship with a little 5 year old who was either trampled by the older kids in the classroom or couldn't see outside the classroom so I scooped him up and we danced and clapped for over an hour! Perfection! Then, as you'll see in the picture the kids then march for the remainder of the day which they love. Some kids drum which is like nothing you w ever experienced and the kids march. I watched and wound the kids up by trying to get them out of line and our of step so just ended in a whole lot of laughing. And then we finish at 2 on Fridays, so all in all a good day!

Kirsten and I are just in the nearest town discovering what we can get here including tomato ketchup...hallelujah!

Aside from that the only real news is that, I'm really starting to feel like the kids are trusting me. Had some amazing moments this week including some kids from the nightmare class misbehaving and me losing it and saying I was upset with them and I had had a game planned if they had finished the work and now they'd talked instead of writing the notes I was upset wih them. This was followed by kids following me out to apologise for being so disrespectful. Then a few came out later and asked to talk to me in secret where they showed me their cuts from caning the day before and would I help them (which they're meant to do at home rather than 'complain at school') but they never want to burden their parents with their punishment as they will assume it's for bad behaviour (these kids had got it for playing football in their school uniform) so I took them off and cleaned them up so I knew they were ok and ever since they have come up for hugs and chats so I really think they're beginning to trust me and means I can really help them I hope. Also the kids at home we're beginning to just be so close. It's so nice to feel part of a family out here which includes great snuggles. Had a great evening yesterday as the power went out all night (happens most days but not usually for that long) we played and talked then I sat down with Afia who is 6 on my lap and we both fell asleep with her lying on my chest. A snuggle well needed since I can't get any from anywhere else!

Right I'm going to be off as Ive been very blog happy this week!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Love you,

Siwan Emily


  1. Hey Siwan,

    My name is Jenna Wilkinson. I was teaching at Ama Benewa during the fall of 2012. Was wondering how are things going? I've been reading your blog that I found it (trying to get in touch with you two!!)
    Do you need anything? We loved care packages from overseas and wish to spread the joy of receiving one (and hassle from the mail collectors). Thanks

  2. Hi Siwan there are lots of virtual snuggles coming from the USA. What a lovely blog and how lucky are the children there to have you.....Mami xxx