Monday, March 4, 2013


Thought I'd give you a little taster of a weekend at home! Was a pretty fantastic weekend! Can't really be faulted!

So, after our 2pm finish we decided to make our way to the nearest town as Kirsten needed a trip to an Internet cafe and we needed some essentials ie bulk buy biscuits! So, it's about 10 mins and you take a shared taxi which is a great concept. When you see a taxi coming depending on which hand signal you use you can get a shared or stopping taxi. Stopping taxi is like want we know, they will take you directly to wherever you want to go. Sharing taxis are taxis which go along one road up and down so you w when you get in you'll be going along that road as will everyone else who you pick up but they're dirt cheap so it's all good. The nearest town is called Twifu praso. It isn't that big but is packed and you can buy anything there. Including as we found out tomato ketchup...Heinz. So we have a bottle which I am extremely happy about! Also found baked beans (resisted since I am putting on epic amounts of weight anyway) and digestive biscuits (couldn't resist due to our lack of a thing sweet). Also found a sketchy Internet cafe down a very smelly path but all in all a successful trip! Our evening then was dark! We have a power outage at least one day and Friday was no exception! We had 'lights off' as its called here all night so we ended up outside with the kids taking pictures with kirsten's camera as it has an amazing flash. When I return you will all get to see literally the hundreds of pictures of us all doing jumps, acrobatics, piling on top of each other. It was the most fantastic night!

EARLY MORNING!! The children woke us at 4:30am to go with their pastor and church group for an early morning run. Early morning is correct. But it was a lot of fun! They had like a cowbell and we all ran in a line of pairs and the whole way they clapped and sang. Felt we looked a little crazy but was so much fun!

Then we returned, had our bucket shower and got ready for a day out with our boss. Mr Nkrumah took us to cape coast for the day as an ex pupil of the school had completely his degree at the University of Cape Coast top of his class so was graduating and being offered a scholarship for his masters. The outfits alone were amazing! Didn't see the graduation but waited outside for them to come out and then we went for pictures..little awkward. We had gone to his graduation, was never told his name, then were included in the family graduation pictures! Even had a solo picture with him, Kirsten and I!

We then went for a lunch and went to a supermarket to buy a bag of treats for Rachael, Mr Nkrumah's eldest daughter who I only just found out about! She is 18 and doesn't live at home as she is at cape coast school for the deaf. So we went to visit her. Mrs Nkrumah goes and visits occasionally but apart from that she doesn't see any of the family until Christmas holiday and summer where she gets about a month at home. We went to this school which is huge and I have to say looks like a prison. I will put some pictures of what it looked like. We went to one of he buildings which had these huge dorms and there were loads of girls walking round. But it was so quiet! So, we met a member of staff who went to get Rachael who arrived and leaped at Freda (her younger sister who was with us) then have her dad an awkward hug and came and said hi to us. She's beautiful as you'll see in the pic and asked us to come and see her room which had so many people in it! I then managed to clumsily sign a bit with her from what I'd learnt at Camphill in my months there before Christmas. She then wanted to talk properly so she got out a notebook and we had an amazing chat which I took a picture of so I'll post it on here. She's an amazing girl and I think has quite a tough life. There were kids I saw there who most definitely had more problems like autism and it's hard to watch that and know there is no help for them. So much could be done but there is no staff and no education on how to help them. But at the same time, I have to think how fantastic that there is actually a school for them and they get to learn to sign. Left very moved especially after talking to Rachael. Will hopefully be seeing her again but I think it may just be in our last week when she comes back for the summer. Really made me miss Camphill as well!

So that was Saturday! Another pretty much life changing day.

Pretty boring, washing was done which hurt my hands as always and washed my underwear on a pile of bricks behind the house! Then the rest of the day was relaxing and falling asleep on a blanket on our porch with one of the girls called grace. Was very uncomfortable but so nice to sleep outside in the warmth!

Right over and out, still got to get my bucket out for a shower and then it's up at 6 tomorrow. Will update on thurs with pictures as it is Independence Day! Big march and parade!

Sweet dreams everyone,

Siwan Emily

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