Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not long left!

Last 2 weeks have been a relatively relaxing fortnight. Had a weekend at home where we attended another funeral which was great fun as just did lots of dancing and in fact danced in front of the whole funeral (like 300 people) just Kirsten, our host mam, 2 pro dancers and me...awkward but so much fun!

This past weekend we went to visit the bestie (Georgia) in Takoradi for one night and then we went to a place called Butra along the coast for the second night. Was just hoping for an alright hotel near the beach (as long as I got to have a running water shower i was very happy!). We got off the trotro and got in a taxi to our hotel, Hideout Lodge. After a 45 min taxi ride down some off road roads we arrived at this very poor village and thought oh dear, our cheap hotel could be a nightmare but we were directed to walk a little and onto the beach then keep walking along the beach and we'd find it. Well as you will see on the picture, the beach was incredible and absolutely no one on it! The view was beautiful and the beach was amazing. So, we trudged along the beach wondering what the hotel was going to be like after that surprise and the hotel is made up of lots of little huts, all different colours and some...are treehouses!! So, we inquire as to the price of a treehouse to which the man says it is 50 cedis (20 quid) and there are 5 of us. Only 4 beds so me and Georgia share..but we're sleeping in a treehouse!! Next to the beach!! So close we can hear the sea so loud we have to shout a little!! 

We spent the evening chilling and listening to one of the guys from the hotel drumming literally for us as there was no one else at the hotel but 2 couples and they were taking romantic strolls down the beach (bitter and jealous, yes I was a little). Then, off to bed and no one felt like sleeping so we were all awake till like 3 in the morning and then after finally going to sleep we were awoken again at 5 by the biggest tropical storm ever!! Seriously!! No exaggeration, the tree was rocking from side to side...with us in it, then the roof started leaking on Kirsten which gave me the giggles and we couldn't hear anything with the rain and the sea being so loud but still managed to get back to sleep! 

Sunday, we went back home and had some well needed rest. 

This week, we do not have much planned and then we are off to Cape Coast this weekend for a volunteer reunion of all the volunteers as we haven't seen each other since the beginning and some have left recently. Numbers are slowly decreasing! 

Back on soon and not long till I'm home now! Very final leg! 


Siwan Emily 

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