Thursday, May 30, 2013

Not long to go!

So it's official, I have been in this country for 4 months 1 week and 1 day. It's a really long time!! Can't believe it's gone so fast yet also feels like I've been here ages!! 

The last week hasn't had too much excitement. Had a long weekend for African Union Day so we went to a beautiful beach - Busua to celebrate my birthday with Tom, Michael, Georgia, Chloe, Kirsten and me. Was really good and included rather a lot of alcohol consumed and swimming in the sea for about 10 hours in total over the whole weekend. Couldn't have asked for more for a birthday in Ghana to be fair. 

This weekend we are at home as it is our host's mother's funeral. She is the lady who died the day we arrived. This weekend is her official burial and funeral which lasts 3 days starting tomorrow (best way to celebrate in Ghana so quite pleased that's what we'll be doing for my birthday!!). Will post lots of pics and things so you can see how amazing funerals are here when they're in full flow and the outfit we've had to have made for the funeral. Is actually going to be quite beautiful but can't be sure whether I think it is for real or just because it is here. You can all let me know! 

Off to go and get some watermelon before it runs out. 

Be back on this weekend 

Siwan Emily 

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