Friday, June 14, 2013

1 week till home!

Yet another week has been and gone and now I have only 1 week to go!!!! Been here now for 141 days and have just 8 till I'm home! Not sure how I feel about leaving, it's mixed feelings but to be honest I can't wait to be home and see everyone! 

So, back to business. This week. Basically, was a very usual week with a few surprises as always in this country. 

Monday after a horrible day of caning for BS6 on Friday included a class test set by me. One of the only classes I don't share with Sam is BS6 Maths which is what my class test was for. The test went fine and their marks are so improved, not good in the least but remarkably improved so is as really pleased with them. I returned their tests the same day and made sure each child had theirs so that I knew no caning was going on. The BS6 classroom is at the far end of school to where I sit. So, straight after I hand them out and walk back to where I sit, one of the BS6 kids comes up to me and said 'Sir is collecting the papers to cane us.' So, off I march up to the classroom to find him cane in hand with my tests. To cut it short, we got in quite an argument which ended with me snatching the papers and saying 'They're my BS6 Maths class and therefore I get to punish or reward them as I please'. He then said 'Welcome to Ghana'. I am not an angry person but it's safe to say it took every ounce of me to force myself to walk away from that situation without pushing it further. Bearing in mind I've been here for 5 months, taught almost all of his classes and everyday he has said something insulting or ignored me entirely I think walking away then was one of the most difficult but probably best decisions I've made. So, there ends the rant. 

Trip to the hospital. Nothing serious just developed an odd rash that was driving me to insanity with the itching. So, finally decided to go. Was surprisingly uneventful, just some sitting and waiting and then came the prescription for my skin infection which has been causing me to be run down and ill. My prescription is 20 pills a day!!!! Plus my malaria pill so I am taking 21 pills a day! Before taking them it seemed a bit much so I text my friend here that I met in the first week who told me not to worry, they're ALL antibiotics and antifungals and that I should take them all and I'll be fine. I am drugged up to my eyeballs! But seems to be working so it's all good. 

Another trip to the hospital. This time was with Nii. Nii is the smallest boy in our family, he's 4 and it's safe to say, we are quite attached. Any time he's been ill I've carried him home and we fall asleep after school sometimes together on my bed and we share food everyday. So for a while he's been ill on and off and had horrific skin kind of like bites but a rash and they've looked really bad so finally Ma asked me to take him to the hospital. Mami Siwan came out in full force. The queue in the hospital was huge for some reason so we had to wait 4 hours to be seen which just meant so much bonding time with Nii. He held on to me the entire day or snuggled up on my knee. Then I took him in to the consultation room and were informed it was scabies which is an itch mite that lives in the skin and you get them living in unhygienic living conditions. So this meant he was to have medication and 3 injections. 3 injections was not covered by the insurance so I paid not very much and in we go for the injections. I hate injections but was rather unfazed in my position of parenting. They then asked me to lean Nii over my knees so they could inject his bum. And he was petrified. He screamed and kicked and cried and because he was so tense they couldn't get the needle in. They smacked him and I was completely helpless. They then got a male nurse to hold him which I thought I'd be really pleased about but then he looked at me and grabbed my hand and screamed my name, I mean screamed. It was horrific. It is safe to say I love Nii and hated seeing him so distressed but I knew it was for his own good. They never got the needle in and Ma had to take him so eventually he got the injection. But I put him on my back and squeezed onto me and held on so tight in the taxi and all the way back to school. Then, we have been inseparable since. I think leaving on Wednesday is going to feel like leaving Joseph back at the special school. I'm going to hate it but I love that we've had this and he's the best. Want to bring him home with me. 

I'm going to love you and leave me. Next one will probably be my last from the country!! Wow!! 

Siwan Emily 

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