Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ama Benewa win!! And racism...

I'll start with the not so cheery. As we come to our final few weeks we are starting to get tired and the excitement and acceptance of everything is wearing off and we're really starting to feel affected by the things that get thrown at us. When I say we I'm talking Kirsten and I. Mainly when I say this I'm talking racism. And I'm not going to say much other than give you the examples: 

Your skin is horrible, like pig. (Followed by a pig snort. Pig snorting is regular at us) 
Your cheeks are fat like apples. 
Your eyes are like cats, they are not good. 

This is just from the children and teachers at school who have had white volunteers for 7 years, 4 a year so that's 28 white girls and they're still like this. We question them and ask why do they say this to which they reply 'Because we don't like, it is not nice'. We just look at each other and say 'oh Africa' or 'oh life'. But it's safe to say everyday is getting a bit wearing now. 

The other thing is our school today performed in a culture competition against other schools with a dance performance and a drama performance! All I can say without posting the videos is it was really hot and WE WON!! AMBIS ARE THE WINNERSSSSSSSS!!! Was so proud because they've worked so hard and performed so well even if it was a little stressful with me typing the script with 4 minutes to go and then having to run to the competition to give it to the judges. That is all I have to say now. No more for a few days. 

Love you all, 

Siwan Emily 

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